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Why Don’t We Eat Chicken For Breakfast?


Chicken? For breakfast? Surely not?!

You’re going to have to bear with us, because we’re here to tell you it’s totally okay to eat chicken for breakfast. Kinda strange, but totally okay. And you don’t even have to be some sort of paleo fitness freak to enjoy it!

In Asia, it’s not uncommon for chicken to appear in soup or noodle dishes at the breakfast table…

so, why not here?

It’s actually pretty simple – in Australia, chicken has always sat behind ham and bacon in the breakfast, ahem, pecking order, because of how long it can take to cook. Add to that the fact that chicken has traditionally been more expensive, and you can see why it isn’t the ideal, family-friendly breakfast staple!

But, we reckon that Australia’s thriving brunch culture provides the perfect opportunity to cluck buck the trend.

These recipes are perfect for those slow weekend mornings when you’re in no hurry at all, and you can take the time to enjoy a chicken-based brekky, a coffee, and a good book.


The Skillet

This Chicken Breakfast Skillet is the perfect storm to cook up on a lazy Sunday morning! The best part? It makes great leftovers to eat for breakfast during the working week. This beauty shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to make, and you can spruce it up with whatever ingredients you have lying around.


The Muffins

Muffins are an absolute breakfast staple, and you can keep it healthy with a batch of these savoury Sweet Potato and Chicken Brekky Muffins. 15 minutes of prep, 35 minutes in the oven, and hey presto! Your on-the-run breakfast is served.

A big pan is the key to making sure your batch is big. We’d recommend this Wiltshire 12-Cup Muffin Pan.


The Brekky Hash

Everyone loves a breakfast hash, but you’ve never made it like this. With cheese, jalapenos, crispy potatoes and fried chicken, this Chicken Hash with Eggs is the little breakfast indulgence you won’t find at your local brunch bar. Only a little fowl play here!


The Polenta Bowl

For something a little greener, try this Polenta Bowl with Garlicky Spinach, Chicken Sausage and Poached Egg. You can really make this and eat it for any meal – think dinner leftovers for breakfast the next morning, but this time, it’s not a cold burrito!

Could a 7am KFC run be on the cards for you? We’d love to know your thoughts on chicken for brekky, so be sure to hit us up on social!


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