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Turns Out You Can Live In A Sharehouse And Stay Sane


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If fictional bears can live by it, so can we: sharing is caring. And sharing a house, well… there’s a whole new level of care involved. We’re talking hygiene, noise, food, money, and that little thing we like to call being a decent human being. So how can you own the title of world’s best housemate while achieving the perfect level of personal space? We divulge:

My room is… my room.

Here’s the thing about houses. Flats and apartments too! They have rooms. A few of them actually! And each room has a clearly defined purpose – you’re not gonna bake cookies in the bathroom, right?! (Props to you if you do – please teach us your ways). In order to get your personal space in check – while respecting that of others – you gotta make it clear that your room is yours. Your own space to do whatever the hell you wish, from painting World of Warcraft figurines to choreographing a booty-poppin’ routine to the newest Cardi B banger… no judgement!

While we don’t exactly recommend a ‘No Trespassing OR ELSE’ sign on the door, a casual convo at the beginning of your housemateship to define bedroom/privacy boundaries is perfectly fitting. We’d probably do it over a bottle or two of wine and a 1kg bucket of Yumi’s Hommus. There’s no doubt you’ll cross paths with your housemates – and their friends and partners – in communal areas such as the kitchen and lounge, and you should definitely make the most of that socialising (you won’t even have to leave the house, it’s a millennial’s dream)! Just make sure you have a happy, safe space you can proudly call yours.

Squeaky clean to set the scene_

The amount of dirty sharehouses we have walked into with an empire-state stack of crusty, last-week’s-defrosted-lasagne-embedded plates is nothing short of despicable. And the number of friends that have complained about their housemates not cleaning up after themselves trumps that tenfold! So you want to avoid that and we get it – you definitely should. Here’s our tips and tricks for an acceptably clean home:


Sure, it’s a little primary school-y, but if the bins are still full and the fridge chart says Samantha was on bin duty last night, you have full permission to call 👏 her 👏 out 👏.

A dishwasher.

Aka the best investment ever. There’s literally NO excuse for dirty dishes to exist anywhere because hey – you have a machine with the sole purpose of cleaning them. If you all put in, the Euromaid Freestanding Dishwasher will be pretty great bang for your buck (and patience).

Things have places, places have things.

Seems like a no brainer, but if everything from cutlery and crockery to novelty hats has a designated place in your home, then there’s reason for you to get a little snappy if the house is a mess. Sure, things can change and move but knowing where everything is supposed to go negates general clutter and that much-dreaded pig-sty aesthetic.

A cleaner.

Some people find it relaxing, satisfying and maybe even ‘fun’, but to us, a full house clean is kind of a massive drainer. And tbh, there are actual professionals who can do a wayyyyy better clean than you can. Keep a money box or kitty for housemates to contribute to in case of emergencies, fixes, or just a big ‘ole clean up!

Here’s a truth bomb: if you can’t identify the kitchen culprit in your home, it’s probably you.

Rules, Rule!_

Let’s face it, living harmoniously with mates/lovers/strangers requires a bit of honesty and confrontation. If you’re complaining, you’ve gotta have grounds to complain on, so we recommend setting up some clear rules, guidelines and T&Cs when moving in with a new crew. These can be as simple as ‘leave the toilet seat down’ or as niche as ‘no playing Drake in the living room between 8 to 11 on a Wednesday night’, as long as everyone agrees!

I stream, you stream!_

If you’re paying for your household’s Netflix, Stan, Spotify or maybe even Tidal, then you’re the real MVP! And while this may make you the best housemate and general person ever, that just ain’t fair. If Jessica’s watching habits make your ‘recommended’ suggest crime docos when you’re a serial romcom kinda gal (and she’s not even paying for it) then you’ve gotta put your foot down. Decide on the streaming services you all use, and divvy up the fees accordingly. Such a 2018 issue but like wouldn’t it be cute if you could all watch the new season of OITNB together, in harmony?

Have you got a sharehouse/housemate/roommate/flatmate story you’d love to share? Hit us up on FB or insta and spill the tea!


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