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Your grazing spread A to Z(ed)


So. You’re planning a family get together, a girls night, or need to bring something impressive to a schmoozy gathering. You want people to gush over your ‘hard work’, how delicious everything is and how talented you are (and you act modest but you know you deserve the praise). How do you do achieve this? We’ve broken down the must-have inclusions and considerations for the most delish and impressive antipasto spread:



a major pleaser in the texture department, you’ve gotta hit all criteria. Our go-to rule is gooey, crumbly and hard. This is a winning approach as it can cover all flavour ranges such as sharp, string, mild or creamy. Think Brie, Blue, Cheddar – what a trio!


this is a fun one. You can go the classic prosciutto and salami route, or get creative and try a cooked sausage or deli Bresaola. The rule of thumb would be to have at least two different options.


different dipping options don’t technically have to be ‘dips’. Think of all the exciting things you can dip a crusty piece of bread into, or spread onto a flaky biscuit. Relishes, pestos, roe, you name it. Having 3 to 4 options allows for ample deliciousness (the best kind)!

Something different_

Get creative!

Us foodies can agree that there is nothing duller than a stock standard antipasto spread. I mean – still great – but there is so much missed potential, it should be a masterpiece! Always Fresh has some great quirky options to add a touch of pizzazz to your creation. Think dolmades, stuffed peppers or artichokes. Now that’s not your typical addition, but the crowd will love it!


Get with the trends

It’s all about the scatter effect. Get all salt bae on your spread with some popcorn, m&m’s, grapes, nuts or ~literally~ whatever for a tasty finishing touch that will have your guests saying “WAIT!… before you touch it, let me take a picture for the gram!”

Perfecting the carriers_

Very important stuff here

You have all these different bits, pieces and nibbles. Why put them all on the same boring cracker? Build up a rustic collection of bread, sticks, soft bread, stiff ryes, biscuits with fruit, crackers with seeds – the list is endless. We like to munch on Always Fresh’s Grissini range, or their light and crunchy Crustini range!


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