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Men: You’ve been doing this dating thing wrong


PSA to all the men swiping right on the beautiful babes of Aus: PREP, PREP, PREP!!! Nothing is more key to nailing that dreaded first date impression (especially if you haven’t met before) than looking yourself up and down in the mirror and investing in a quick ‘manscape’. Heck, not only will you look/smell a whole heap better, you’ll feel it too.

We asked the fabulous and flirty GG team what they thought was important to prep for a first date, and here are the results:

The Outfit_

Now, you don’t have to be a #fashionista, but you do need to look somewhat presentable. We love a man in active wear, but not on a first date! And be sure to *think* about where you’re going, and dress for the occasion. It’s simple. Oh, and we strongly encourage you to not wear hoodies, dirty sneakers or smelly clothes. Just… no.

The Beard_

Men, feel free to make that beard fluffy and soft as can be (it’ll give you points when you go in for that awkward-but-sweet first kiss). We recommend the Urbane Mess Beard Oil. As the brand themselves say “don’t let your beard get weird”, so if you’re feeling like your beard has gotten a little out of control, hook yourself up with a Beard Maintenance Kit.

Urbane Mess 
Beard Oil


Urbane Mess 
Maintenance Kit


The Hygiene_

A shower and a spritz of aftershave will leave a longer lasting impression than your story about that time you crowd-surfed at a Blink 182 gig – trust us. We love the smell of this Urbane Grit Man Soap in the scent Oatmeal & Black Pepper… just saying 😉

Urbane Mess  
Grit Man Soap


The Hair_

It’s all in the hair! Really – you don’t have to be a pro to be able to rub some product between your palms and tousle it through your mop. With a product like the Urbane Mess Styling Fibre, you can make your locks appear thicker and more luscious – who could say no to that!? We’re talking hair that looks like you didn’t try, (but you really did).

Urbane Mess
Styling Fibre


The Skin_

Once you’ve tamed your luscious locks, beard, and your outfit is under control, it’s time to achieve silky smooth, touchable (see where we’re going with this?) skin. Our go-to skincare for men is quite literally called Go-To (by living legend Zoe Foster-Blake), and their Bro-To Very Useful Face Cream and Cleanser will up your game tenfold.

Cleanser & Face Cream


The Table_

Book it! Need we say more?

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