No need for Wi-Fi finder apps – Facebook’s got you covered!

Facebook has begun testing a new feature that is set to negate a need for all other Wi-Fi finder apps. The new feature enables you to see specific, nearby places that possess free, open Wi-Fi networks. Still, in its early stages, the Wi-Fi finder is currently only available in selected countries and has not been officially rolled out.

So, how do you check if you have it? In the iOS app, tap on menu in the bottom left corner. Scroll down until you can see, “Find Wi-Fi.” It’s as simple as that!

While Facebook has recently been sending out drones and satellites to provide more remote locations with internet access, this Wi-Fi finder feature will act as more of an urban solution to help users stay connected anywhere.

It is said that this feature is aimed at increasing live video streams, by allowing users to access free wifi at various locations.

While this feature seems very convenient, always keep in mind that open networks have added risks in comparison to password protected ones!

- Natalie Gyftopoulos

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The Future is Video

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Twitter’s slow growth has struggled in the past couple years, which has led the app to rethink its future as a social media platform. Twitter has taken direction from its competitors, Facebook and Instagram, to see that video is the future for its well-needed growth. Suzy Nicoletti, Twitter’s Managing Director says that video content is the core to Twitter’s growth.

Twitter has already begun to implement live video content, which has shown through their streaming deals with the NFL and Melbourne Cup. The NFL live stream were available on mobile devices as well as its new connected device apps. Twitter’s streams received 2.1 million viewers, showing that users watched at least 3 seconds of the stream. Twitter was able to successfully capture attention through its first major live stream test. The test found that the average Twitter viewer watched at least 22 minutes of the NFL game.

With the growth of numbers wanting the sporting event has shown the negative aspects of the live stream. Live tweets that were showed along the stream spoiled aspects of the game as the feed lagged people’s reactions. While watching the game on a number of different devices (Apple TV, mobile and on the Twitter website) found that each stream was out of sync with each other.

Sporting events aren’t the only streams that Twitter is interested in. In September, Twitter live streamed the presidential debate in partnership with Bloomberg Media. Along with Twitter Australia implementing food video content onto the app.

Twitter will have a number of rivals in its aim to take on live video. Facebook Live, Instagram and YouTube are some of the largest competitors Twitter will face. While Twitter may be wanting video content to take over its app, the closure of Vine has shown that video is not always well-received. In October, Twitter announced that the six-second video app will be shutting down due to the neglect of its users.

-Monique Sanderson

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360 Videos and Human Trafficking Coverage by the BBC

In what was a moving 8 minutes, the BBC worked to create a 3D VR experience of a woman named Maria, a single mother trafficked from Nicaragua to Mexico.

This video contains real violence and shows her slavery, In what looks to be an idea of education has been made to go viral to show the importance of creating awareness of this horrific crime that still takes place.

Youtube showing once more they are no longer just a place for silly cat videos, but rather somewhere that can host users to make a difference.

Expect this to go viral, and expect to see more stories like this. Some users already commenting asking for BBC News to work to raise awareness on other issues in a similar fashion.

-Phil Remington

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Snapchat Spectacles

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Snapchat introduces their first hardware product and it’s a trendy pair of glasses that videos from your point of view. Snapchat Spectacles is the newest pair of smart glasses on the market, however, can only be used to video (no selfies or photo taking, unfortunately)!

Snapchat have remained innovative with the newest addition to their popular app not only through product production but also through the purchase method of the product. For those wondering, the Snapchat Spectacles are only currently available in the US and can only be purchased from a ‘Snapbot’ (which is basically a big Snapchat robot that takes your money and hands over your new specs!). Snapbot locations are being released online and Snapchat has announced that the locations will be places where memories are made.

Only allowing you to record in circular video and cutting out the possibilities of snapping photos or using filters with your new specs, it is apparent that the product does have it’s downfalls, however the stylish pair of glasses make a statement on any tech-savvy, Snapchat user and are quite an affordable price (similar to Ray Bans) and come in a range of different colours to choose from!

How will Snapchat Spectacles aid in the continuous growth of the beloved app?

– Emalee Sacco

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Kendall is back and bigger then ever

Last week Kendall Jenner left her 68 million Instagram followers on her journey of ‘quitting Instagram’. Two days into her journey, Kendall met with Ellen Degeneres and revealed the reason for quitting Instagram: ‘I wanted to detox’. However, her detox lasted as long as an average persons ‘diet’.

Surprise, Surprise: Within one week the 21-year-old has returned… with lip fillers, and it has got everyone talking about the real reason she decided to quit Instagram.

Twitter fans have commented on Kendall’s New Lips, ‘Kendall Jenner deleted her social media to hide the fact that she got her face done’ and ‘like the only reason I liked her is because she looked the most natural..’.

The question is did Kendall quit Instagram so that she could detox from people’s opinions on her new lips or did she really need a social media detox?

– Athanasia Arkalis

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Dump Trump 2.0

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A “cyber vandal’ has gone and renamed Donald Trump’s “Trump Tower” on Google Maps to “Dump Tower”. If you’re confused as to how a map can be renamed so easily, Google maps adopt a policy similar to crowdsourcing. It allows users to edit parts of their maps service, as long as the changes are reviewed and approved by “moderators”.

This means a lot of people were totally down with the idea of taking Dump Trump to the next level, in the aftermath of him winning the US election.

If you can’t stop him from winning, you can rename his building on a worldwide mapping service for the sake of more memes!

-Neeve Fagan

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Hailing all Tinder users, ‘Sindr’s’ got you covered.


The Catholic Church has stepped into the contemporary sphere with the launch of ‘The Catholic App’. The app will allow users to find the closest holy mass, confessional or diocesan statistics.

What does it mean for users? Well the app makes it a breeze to confess those unholy sins you’re hiding with an interactive map guiding you to the nearest service.

The app uses similar technology to dating application Tinder, allowing users to scroll through their holy options and receive GPS directions to their nearest Church. The app comes in response to a downfall in website popularity and hopes to engage the mobile generation.

Archbishop Leo Cushley has described the technology as a means to ‘bring the mercy of God and the joy of the gospel to our contemporary world”, however, the app has lovingly been dubbed ‘Sindr’. The app will provide a more interactive experience through religious quotes and bible references.

The Catholic App is set to go active in early 2017. Will this religion be the next hot trend?

-Georgia Crisfield-Smith

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Apps keep ‘em coming back

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Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Spotify… let’s face it, we love our apps. But have you ever wondered how much time we devote to our precious applications? Spoiler alert; its a lot of time. Thanks, Whatsapp and Facebook.

Opera Mediaworks, a mobile ad platform for brands, has released their 3rd Quarter findings for social media use in 2016. The findings showed that ‘users are spending more time in mobile apps each day compared with earlier in 2016’.

The study revealed that the average time people spend on an app is around 5 minutes. While that does sound like a short amount of time (surely I’m not the only one who wastes hours on Facebook) its important to note that the reports meant 5 minutes per session (Que sigh of relief). Further study revealed that the average person opens the same app 4 times a day. This highlights an important insight about consumers; users are loyal to their apps! They are using fewer apps for longer periods of time.

What does this mean if you are venturing into the app market? Make your app entertaining with constant updates! Keep your audience coming back for more with fresh news and constant improvements. This includes bug fixes! While it is important that the app is extremely user-friendly, time and effort are required to make sure every experience is a smooth one for customers. If you are consistently hitting the mark, you will obtain loyal followers who can check your app 4 times a day.

-Siobhan Joffe

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