Fake news could cost Facebook in Germany

German politicians are taking immediate action to stop unsourced and fake news flooding Facebook and other social media sites in the country.

Thomas Oppermann, parliamentary chair of the Social Democratic Party voiced that fake news is becoming more and more common across social media platforms and is to blame for influencing the recent presidential election in the U.S.

He continued saying we don’t want that influence and outcomes like that here (Germany), we have a new bill in working progress for the introduction to try and curb fake news and hate.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg joined the conversation and shut down the news saying “it’s completing rubbish and a pretty crazy idea”.

If the bill is introduced Facebook and other socials should expect a fine of up to $523,000 (US) if fake and hate news is not deleted within 24 hours of posting.


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Change is coming as Tweeters go live

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Twitter users will now ‘go live’ with the launch of the live stream feature in which users can create a video stream of their experiences. The feature is a result of an integration of the Periscope live video app and twitter.

“Twitter is about real-time and what’s happening in the moment. Live video creates experiences you can engage in and be a part of” says Periscope’s head of engineering Sara Haider.

The live streaming feature has been linked with a greater potential for social change via social media.

Artists Mensa and KNA have created a song to launch the feature titled ‘Live like this (Go Live)’. The artists have spoken out in support of live streaming, deeming it “the great equalizer” allowing users easy access.

The new feature will allow Twitter to compete directly with Facebook, who rolled out a live stream earlier this year. With 317 million monthly users, Twitters challenge will lie in encouraging users to create live video and combat the belief they don’t have content worthy of streaming.

-Georgia Crisfield-Smith

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The battle of Snapchat vs Instagram

Hands-free video and a collection of geo-located stickers are changing the game for Instagram’s newest feature, ‘Stories’.

Users can now add unlimited text and a variety of stickers that showcase their location, temperature, time etc. Whilst these may all seem similar to Snapchat’s current geofilters, Instagram has one up on Snapchat by allowing users to click through the sticker to learn more about the location.

The hands-free video option is a feature Snapchat users have been calling out for, however, Instagram has beaten them to the punch. The introduction of the complete hands-free feature will allow users to record videos without holding their finger on the screen.

The rivalry continues between the photo sharing app and Snapchat as the companies continue to ‘one-up’ each other’s features. What could be next for Snapchat?

-Emalee Sacco

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Disney will launch Snapchat mini-series

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Disney is going to start producing mini-series for Snapchat. Disney and Snapchat have joined forces to create several new series that will exist as Snapchat stories.

The introduction to the mini-series will kick off with the launch of a recap episode of ABC’s The Bachelor, called Watch Party: The Bachelor on January 3rd, 2017. The recap series will be 10 episodes long and will feature “celebrities, comedians, super fans and infamous Bachelors and Bachelorettes getting together each week to watch each episode.”

Snapchat will begin to air a number of scripted and non-scripted shows throughout next year. The deal with Disney differs from its partnerships with other companies as Disney will have complete control over the ads that appear in its shows, Reuters reports.

Disney isn’t the only company that has signed onto providing Snapchat with content. A variety of advertising and content agreements have been signed with a number of US networks, this includes Viacom, Comcast’s NBCUniversal and Time Warner Inc’s Turner Broadcasting System Inc.

It’s clear that Snapchat aims to further expand its scope. It is no longer a platform that just focuses on its messaging feature. Instead, the platform has grown to feature articles, videos and now mini-series.

– Monique Sanderson

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Camila Cabello leaves US girl group Fifth Harmony

In 2012 Simon Cowell turned the lives around for teens Camila Cabello, Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke Hernandez, Normani Kordei and Dinah Jane Hansen then became known as Fifth Harmony. They all auditioned for the X Factor USA individually, but Cowell saw something special and put the girls together and they became known as Fifth Harmony.

Over the years, Fifth Harmony has grown and succeeded in the music industry, touring across the USA and Europe multiple times and visiting many countries to promote their music. Their music videos for Worth It and Work From Home have over 1 billion views each on YouTube. The release of their album 7/27 also saw worldwide chart success with many saying the band was at the height of their career.

However, this week it was announced on the group Twitter account by their management that Camila Cabello had decided to leave the band. This sparked much controversy on social media, with Camila herself addressing the statement and noting that she was not informed that this news was going to be released when it was. In response to this, Fifth Harmony’s management released a further statement, detailing the situation.

The remaining 4 members will continue on in the group, with plans to release a new album next year and continue touring. Many fans found it sad that it had to end in such a dramatic and tense way, but have wished Camila and the other girls all the best as they head off in separate directions.

-Catherine Schwerdt

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Some things are better left unsaid

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Message regret. It’s a feeling that has emerged over the last decade and has been experienced by everyone at least once in their lives. Caught up in the heat of the moment, you accidentally send a message that you would instantly come to regret, wishing you could rewind time and not press send.

Whatsapp, acting as The Fairy Godmother of social media communication, is testing out a feature that enables users to turn back the clock and either edit the content of their message or delete it all together.

But such magic comes with a twist. A message on Whatsapp can only be deleted if it hasn’t been read by the recipient. Here’s hoping you recognise your mistakes sooner. Some things are better left unsaid

-Siobhan Joffee

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