27+ living in NY? Trump invites you to his inauguration ceremony… using Facebook ads!

President-elect Donald Trump has created sponsored targeted Facebook ads to “personally” invite people to his inauguration this coming weekend.

Bragging about the “unbelievable, perhaps record setting turnout”, according to Christopher Geldart, the director of homeland security – it is expected that roughly 800k-900k people will attend the inauguration. This figure will fall shy to just half of the 1.8 million people who attended Barack Obama’s first inauguration at the White House back in 2008.

It is not just celebrity acts (even a Bruce Springsteen cover band) turning down the offer to attend and perform, but also the Facebook over 27 population who received this “personal” invitation on their feed this week.

Many are outraged at receiving these ads stating things like “imagine being so disliked that 4 days before your inauguration you start paying to send desperate FB ad invites to “people, 27 or above” states @marinarachael on Twitter.

It is also interesting to note that Trump has invited notable social media influencers such as popular Youtuber Casey Neistat who declared in a video with 5.2 million views that he would not be voting for Trump. Neistat has since asked his audience to decide how he should approach attending the inauguration – with subscribers suggesting things like “dress as a conservative Muslim woman and see how far you get” and “film the riots”.

Safe to say this weekend will not be the last of the Trump controversy.

-Bonnie Dunleavy

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Meme Alert!

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I would say we’re surprised after one day of President Trump’s inauguration that the world’s gone mad but, we really shouldn’t be.

The media has allegedly given false numbers of the audience who attended, and Press Secretary Sean Spicer ran his first press conference. Maybe he was just excited, either way, what a blessing it was to the internet.

@SeanSpicerFacts and #SpicerFacts has gone viral, where many users are just posting ridiculous facts taking the ‘mickey’ out of Sean Spicer after he weirdly claimed that President Trump’s ‘inauguration was the largest ever’ When photos clearly show that it was definitely nowhere near.

Hopefully, we see more of this Spicer guy, he could give this presidency some humour in what many are quite sad for.

Enjoy one of the memes below!


-Phil Remington

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The Rollercoaster of 21st Century Success

What has changed in the past few centuries is the pace at which absolutely anything may rise or fall. Now, I am not contending that gravity has changed over the course of time, rather, that the switch in power and popularity is steadily becoming more violent and swift. In this day and age, it means that for businesses big or small, adaptability and the ability to embrace change are two of the pivotal values for success.

Instagram, the growing sensation which was bought by Facebook in 2012 for a hefty $1 billion, had been extending rapidly since its origin in October of 2010. The more Instagram grew, the more it attracted perfection, it was no longer the avenue for everyone to share their daily lives without much thought being afforded. It was now a tool to critique and compare the lives of one another, particularly since the celebrity bandwagon made it even harder to showcase an impressive life.

This saw Instagram fall below Snapchat in 2016 as the fast paced photo sharing app was crowned the “most important” social networking tool of that year, a title Instagram had held for years prior. Largely, this came as a response to the nature of perfection that had begun to embody individual postings on Instagram. People had decided they didn’t want to feel pressured to display their life in this ideal filter, opting to show the fun, silly and unrehearsed aspects of life that had beauty in both their originality and authenticity.

Seeing the stats as they were, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom decided to make some changes designed to improve the way Instagram operated. This involved the implementation of Instagram ‘stories’, similar to Snapchat in that they are montages of photo and video that last for 24 hours and can be viewed by all followers. Alongside this was a new feed that ranked posts deemed more likely popular to the user as the first priority, live video broadcasting and a secretive messaging system.

Effectively integrating what so many love about Snapchat into itself, Instagram was able to recreate and revive against what seemed to be an impending doom for ‘outdated software’ in this day and age. Without the ability of foresight and a quick-witted reaction to change in the industry, companies these days simply cannot survive and thrive.

– David Clapton

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Snapchat to launch a major redesign

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.42.05 am

Snapchat has announced a major update, which will change the way users engage with the app.

The original function of the app, which allows users to send photos for a maximum 10-second duration, will be majorly reworked, expanding the platform’s share in the social networking space.
Snapchat’s new features will allow users its search friends and brands, as well as news stories. The update includes a ‘global story’ where users all over the world may upload snaps. Users may also subscribe to publishers to receive updates directly.

Snapchats stepping up and out and taking on greater challenges. Will their live search bar lead to greater transparency in journalism or will the world face another epidemic of fake news?

– Georgia Crisfield-Smith

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2017 People’s Choice Awards – What went down

The 2017 People’s Choice Awards took place on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, California.

Many stars graced the stage to collect awards, present or perform. A strong theme of the night involved several female winners who took a moment to discuss the importance of girl power within their acceptance speeches.

Over 64 individuals and groups were presented with awards on the night. Girl group Fifth Harmony stepped out for the first time as a group of four, performed and accepted an award for the Favourite Group. Other notable celebrities in attendance included Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively and Australia’s own Ruby Rose.

The red carpet was filled with many unique outfits, many wore longer dresses paired with various accessories. To see some of the looks view the gallery published by Sydney Morning Herald here. (http://www.smh.com.au/photogallery/lifestyle/fashion/red-carpet/peoples-choice-awards-2017-red-carpet-20170119-gtucnh.html)

Overall there didn’t appear to be many mishaps, which is surprising for a Hollywood award show.

– Catherine Schwerdt

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The last few days have been a whirlwind in the political world, the social media world and the real world. The day following Donald Trumps inauguration, making him the official President of the United States was dedicated to the Women’s March on Washington.

The protest against Trump was supported by millions, spanning further than Washington and taking place in cities worldwide. The hashtag #WomensMarch trended globally on Twitter and even had it’s own livestream.

Through social media, images and stories from the movement were shared from city to city, even Antarctica. In Sydney, up to 10,000 joined in on the protest when only 1000 were expected to attend. In DC itself. an estimated 500,000 people took part. Celebrities also joined the march and took to social media to promote the cause and their stance on Trump’s presidency and women’s rights.

– Neeve Fagan

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