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Twitter is joining in on the success of live video by introducing the feature directly into its app. The new feature allows Twitter users the option to live broadcast themselves to all of their followers. In the past, users wanting to live stream would need to open Periscope separately to do so. From today, Twitter has begun rolling out the option for people to create and Tweet live video from the Twitter app. This has allowed users without the Periscope app to go live to their followers.

Sara Haider, head of Periscope engineering, said the change would bring the core functionality of Periscope into Twitter.

“If you’re viewing broadcast, you’ll be able to comment and heart and participate in the broadcast right from within Twitter”

With the introduction to live streams on the app, it allows users to like, retweet and share the video in the same way a user’s tweet can.

Twitter’s update on its live video feature seems to come in competition in the popularity of live-streaming feature on social networks. Two days ago, Instagram rolled out the option to live stream to its US users. It also has been announced that Facebook has also said it plans to release a 360-degree live video option soon.

“There’s no reason for Twitter to have a completely separate platform just for watching live video,” Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst at e-Marketer said. “It will be far easier for people to be able to record and share live videos from directly within.”

To gain access to the new feature, users will need to update their Twitter app through their Apple of Google Play app stores. Then click on the compose a tweet option, tap on the “live” button to gain access to the video feature and lastly hit “Go Live.”

-Monique Sanderson

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Live feed goes green for U.S Instagram users

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Instagram announced this week its new live video feed will launch to allow users to post live video updates to their followers in real time.

The new feature will be visible in Instagram stories by swiping right into the live mode section. The live videos won’t be stored on users accounts, followers can only see them while you’re broadcasting live.

This new in the moment advancement is similar to its parent company Facebook video live feed.

The key features include a “Top Live” tab which will display a selection of the best live feeds at the current time and an easy to use stories camera area, using just a tap on the toggle to enter into “Live” mode.

To have a go with the new features, have your eyes peeled on your app store updates to be one of the first to use these new improvements users have been asking for.
-Jake Manton

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The goat that swept the nation

It has been 5 years now since Jimbo, a crude Australian performer, traded a slab of beer for what would end up being one of his best companions.

Gary stole the hearts of the nation, gaining notoriety from his court date where his owner Jimbo was issued with a fine for letting Gary eat grass in public. From then onwards Gary became a household celebrity, doing shows with Jimbo all across Australia, which they claim to have covered nearly 20 times over.

This leap to ‘celebrity’ status act is iconic, displaying the Australian public’s desire to yearn for something simple, original and heartwarming, as is the tale of Gary and Jimbo. There will be many more years of memories ahead for the pair, but for now, Gary has settled himself in with some friendly Kangaroos in South Australia’s ‘Seaford Meadows,’ and doesn’t show signs of giving up anytime soon.

– David Clapton

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Snapchat meets Shazam!

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Have you ever been mid-Snapchat video and you hear a song that you just need to know? You no longer have to jeopardise your snap video to run and google the lyrics! Snapchat and Shazam have announced their partnership this week, allowing Snapchatters everywhere to press and hold on the camera screen to instantly recognise the song playing.

Not only will Shazam’s integration with Snapchat allow you to recognise music around you – it will also allow you to send the music directly to your Snapchat friends. Snapchat also rolled out their newest Groups feature today which allows you to send group chats with up to 16 of your friends. Similar to the Stories feature, the group messages will disappear after 24 hours!

Snapchat is continuing to bring to life features that are must haves for avid users. What could be next for Snapchat?

– Emalee Sacco

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Instagram dangers

A Recent study by ABC Hack has claimed that Instagram may be more damaging for body image than billboard ads.

The study took 150 female undergraduate students who completed online surveys five times a day for five days. ‘For each survey, they reported if they had compared their appearance with someone else’s, and whether they made that comparison after looking at social media, traditional media or in person. They also reported whether they thought the person looked better, the same or worse than them. They then rated their body image, mood and thoughts of dieting and exercising.’

The research found that women tend to think that others had a better physical appearance than themselves on social media. The study also concluded that women were in the worst mood after making comparisons to themselves on media platforms.

These discoveries are not surprising seeing as most images on Instagram are highly edited in order to create the most desirable images as possible. Pictures are airbrushes, in the best lighting possible, favorable angles are used, and it is incredibly difficult to scroll through Instagram and not see a photo of a Kardashian.

So how can we stop these negative thoughts about ourselves whilst scrolling through social media? Well, the difficult thing is making ourselves aware of the consequences that social media has on ourselves. If you do find yourself making comparisons to others, it may be worth taking a detox from platforms and deleting apps from your phone or limiting time spent on them. Hack also recommends unfollow or avoid people who post highly edited, idealised images of themselves.

– Rhiannon Robertson

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Breaking more than our habits?

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 2.03.00 pm

Apparently, there was more to my story last week when in a drunken stamper, I decided to drop my phone off the bar onto the concrete ground below.

A new study published by the American Marketing Association has provided evidence to suggest that the occurrence of product neglect tends to increase if there are more attractive upgrades present in the market. They label it the “upgrade effect,” one that finds people may believe they are not neglectful or deliberate in the treatment of their phone, they’re more likely to neglect the product if there is a better version available.

Data was tracked from 3,000 lost iPhones, finding that the number of reported lost phones increases, closer to the release date of the next model. The reason why? Guilt. Many would feel guilty upgrading an otherwise perfectly good phone with a reason, but providing themselves with a justification makes them feel good and not wasteful.

So next time you’re out and see your friend with a brand new iPhone, remember you don’t have to prove the superior durability of yours by throwing it at the nearest wall.

-David Clapton

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Tinder; friendly for the whole family


You’ve been swiping left for what feels like hours and you’re a couple swipes away from deleting the app altogether. Then all of a sudden you stumble upon a cutie and are tasked with the challenge of determining his suitability as the father of your future babies- through a couple of pictures that are only a couple of pixels wide! Sigh. It’s hard work!

Fear not. Tinder now has an Apple TV app that means you can now see your future baby daddies on the big screen! You can now scrutinise profiles up close, differentiating moles from freckles, future husbands from flings, all from the comfort of your living room.

The expansion to TV means that the whole family can play! Because really, how can he be your future life partner when your family and friend’s don’t approve? Tinder is just cutting out the awkward ‘meeting the parents’ part of the relationship. Family bonding time has just become a whole lot more interesting.

-Siobhan Joffee

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Vine lives!

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 2.10.44 pm

Not quite dead yet!

Twitter has announced it will release Vine in a munched down version, Vine Camera, this will come in eventually. (likely January)
To act like a camera for twitter. Whom see to like Facebook trying to show they’re more than just text.

This app will create 6-second looping videos, long-term fans will be jumping for joy.

Twitter has been known for its character limit… however more so recently for new live streams, photos, and videos. Quite the competitive edge needed in the battle of social pipes.

-Phil Remington

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