Facebook wants to combat fake news in journalism

A social media crackdown; Facebook is determined to reduce the amounts of fake news that is circulated through their platform. They have launched the “Journalism Project” which aims to work together with news organisations in order to put a stop to fake news.

Facebook’s director of product Fidji Simo stated that Facebook “recently announced improvements on our platform to further reduce the spread of news hoaxes – including ways for people to report them more easily and new efforts to disrupt the financial incentives for spammers.”

It’s interesting to think about how many news stories are actually false or contain incorrect information in which so many of us read across the world each day.

Facebook are pushing to deliver more quality content for users and they are searching for more ways to promote news literacy in order for users to have the most repeatable information and stories.

For the moment, Facebook will continue to work alongside big news organisations to ensure that they will be able to provide the best quality content.

-Catherine Schwerdt

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Snapchat copycat

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In June 2016, Snapchat rolled out ads in between user Snapchat stories to create an organic viewing experience while also advertising brands. Now, #1 most downloaded app, Instagram has released the same immersive scheme to provide advertisement “unmatched in a story experience today”.

This statement is interesting considering they copied the concept created by Snapchat, Instagram claims their features are unique because it will allow businesses to use their Facebook measurement tools to obtain valuable information about the demographics they are reaching through their Instagram advertisements. These stories are watched “sound on” to again, create an immersive experience. “Stories ads” will be tested worldwide, on brands such as Maybelline, Nike, Netflix and Qantas, with Airbnb being the first to get involved.

There already seems to be a great divide between watching Snapchat stories over Instagram stories, or vice versa. In a recent Twitter poll conducted by Youtuber, Blogger and Influencer Zoe Sugg, she found that of the 100,000 people who voted, 77% of people still prefer watching Snapchat stories to Instagram stories. This suggests that people still don’t really care about the advertisements that interrupt the flow of a Snapchat story. Of course, there is always the option to click through the ad to skip it, however, the inability to block or stop ads from coming up in the first place and stopping the flow, is what is most frustrating.

Perhaps, with the rollout of the Instagram advertisements, people will move away from Snapchat if it appears to be less intrusive on the flow of content.

-Bonnie Dunleavy

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You can now ‘tip’ Youtubers!

Just when we all thought Youtuber’s couldn’t get paid any more silly amounts of cash, Youtube turns on a tipping feature, whereby when videos are going live the audience can tip the curator live.

The feature will be called “Super Chat”. This aims to reward video creators, encourage a boost quality of content, and boost the live offering compared to its competitors (yes that’s right Youtube has competitors)

Thursday Super Chat launched in beta. However, it will be available in February more worldly
Live streaming is the current trend of the internet at the moment and it seems that Youtube is in no hurry to slow it.

– Phil Remington

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Well one of us is gonna have to change…

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The internet loves a good bit of awkward newsroom footage and the latest to be sweeping our screens is a video from our very own Channel 9 studios.

The clip was not aired but was leaked by someone who probably knew how well it’d do on the world wide web. It shows the moments before a segment went to air, featuring three different women in separate locations on a split-screen. Nine’s Amber Sherlock was in the newsroom and was shocked (to say the least) when she realised her two colleagues were wearing the same colour.

Not the same outfit, just the colour white. Amber was not impressed and demanded her colleague, Julie Snook change immediately or put on a jacket; “I need Julie to put a jacket on because we’re all in white,” says Amber as their guest laughs, thinking she’s just joking (she wasn’t).

No harm was meant by Amber and live TV can get a bit stressful at times.  That didn’t stop the video from being shared worldwide and her name become a trending topic on Twitter, being called a diva alongside pictures of iconic trios and groups in pop culture being shared (think stormtroopers and the Bee Gees).

– Neeve Fagan

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President of playlists

Whilst Donald Trump may have knocked Obama off his presidential podium, Spotify has offered the former president a job. It appears that he won’t be out of work for long, as Spotify CEO and founder, Daniel Elk, tweets directly at Obama on Monday directing him towards their most recent job listing: ‘President of Playlists’.

Whilst the job position did not directly call on Obama, there were a few expectations of candidates that only Obama could possibly meet. The listing writes that applicants should have a Nobel Peace Prize and have at least eight years experience running a nation (sound like someone you know?).

The former president is still highly sought after and with Spotify first on the bandwagon at offering him a job, will others reach out too? What will be next for Obama? He could be behind some of Spotify’s greatest playlist curations.

-Emalee Sacco

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