Facebook’s video feed to take on giants Youtube and Snapchat.

Facebook is set to take on television with the launch of a new video feed.

The new video hub will appear as a tab alongside notifications, marketplace, and settings and will deliver a feed of live videos and other video content tailored to users interests.

The creation of a dedicated video newsfeed will attract buyers and increase potential advertising opportunities. Researchers at Morgan Stanley believe the new video tab should “help Facebook capture a larger share of the TV ad market.”

The channel will provide a targeted content approach with greater specificity than television advertising.

Previously the fragmented nature of videos in a newsfeed has limited the consumption of content. However, with the creation of the channel, video consumption is set to increase.

Matt Heindl, senior director of social media at Razorfish, believes it will be some time before Facebook takes on television, but its creation is set to challenge Snapchat and Youtube.

-Georgia Crisfield-Smith

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Tweeting the Trumpster

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Unfortunately for the vast majority of us, hearing the name Donald Trump is only going to get worse over the next four years. However, the new president-elect is not taking a step back, continuing his well-known Twitter rants and tirades, showing no signs of a change in the Trump we know and tolerate.

However, as Jessica Sier explains from the Australian Financial Review, Twitter could be well within their rights to remove the President from their servers. Sier claims Trump has come dangerously close to breaking their anti-bullying laws, often at times getting involved in one-on-one twitter wars with members of the public.

Whilst this kind of behavior may be un-presidential, it appears that for now, Twitter is not game enough to take on the President of the United States of America and invoke any form of restrictions based on his actions.

Free speech is no doubt hindered by Trump’s presence, he acts like a playground bully, the intimidator who makes you stop and think every move you make, afraid he may decide to jump down from his pedestal and put you back into the place he deems appropriate.

-David Clapton

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Uber or jealous ex?

Do you ever wonder what bae is doing 5 minutes after you’ve left them? Uber now has a tab on all of their customer’s movements- for five minutes anyway.

After Uber drops a customer at their location, the app is now tracking their customer’s movements. Sounds a lot like Uber has become a jealous stalker ex. But alas, Uber has justifications for their creeping! They claim the tracking is for safety reasons and to improve customer service e.g. making their ETA more accurate.

Naturally, people are weirded out claiming that Uber is intruding on their privacy. Unfortunately, there is no way to disable this feature if you have Uber tracking your location. This means manually typing in your address into Uber- a big problem if you’ve had one too many.

Time will tell if this tracking will damage the number of people using Uber’s service. Uber, it might be time to break up…

– Siobhan Joffee

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