Facebook has announced new plans to tackle hoax news websites

The impact of social media, through the dissemination of fake news, has prompted Facebook to return to the drawing board to draft a greater strategy to combat fake news.

The issue came to light it the recent U.S elections. Presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton, has partly blamed her loss on the falsified news spread through the Facebook platform.

Previously, Facebook has claimed they are not a media company and therefore their liability for what is published on their site is minimal. However, the recent election issues have sparked a major PR problem. They have responded with new measures to fight hoax news.

Facebook will be working with third party fact checkers. They will also be allowing users to flag articles as ‘disputed’. The new feature will then place disputed articles lower in the newsfeed and provide a warning to users before they share it.

While Facebook’s new measures seem a positive step towards accurate news reporting, are there more questions to be asked? Should a social media platform have so much power over the consumption of its users?


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What Instagram is hiding from you

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When signing up to social media platforms, does anyone ever read the terms and conditions or the privacy policy? Rarely. A recent news story has uncovered the dangers that this poses, in particular to children.

New users to Instagram are confronted with a lengthy set of terms and conditions that are up to 17 pages long. This can often be too overwhelming to read. We click through these and press accept as a means to get onto the app more quickly. But little do we think about what conditions we have approved.

Young people, in particular children, are the most vulnerable. They sign hidden clauses, which allows images and messages to be bought and sold by Instagram to large companies to improve target advertising.

Although Instagram’s terms and conditions state that users must be 13 and over, as young children aren’t reading them, they are still continuing to sign up. Perhaps Instagram needs to implement more safety features to ensure that their users are aware of the rules and what they are specifically agreeing to.

It is interesting that the controversy surrounding this topic is heavily targeted at children when teenagers and adults are likely oblivious to these terms and conditions too. Maybe Instagram needs to be more explicit that these images and messages are being or can be bought and sold to other companies, to ensure that all users are aware of this.

-Catherine Schwerdt

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Hey now, you’re an all star?

Following a recent Instagram update that would alert users when friends take a screenshot of their disappearing messages, many immediately assumed that Instagram would be sending those same notifications when they take a screenshot of a post.

The great news for all the avid stalkers out there is that this is definitely not the case. While a new alert will pop up saying, “You can share this post with your friends” when you take a screenshot, it does not alert anyone that you have done so.

This new feature is quite simply a way for users to easily share photos with friends, not to unveil your inner stalker to the world.

Screenshot away!

– Natalie Gyftopoulos

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R.I.P. Dab

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The dab has been used as a celebration in sports for what feels like years now. Spreading through NFL and NBA in America. Soon moving to world football (soccer).

The dance always raised eyebrows but in particular, at the weekend in Australia when cricketer Usman Khwaja, hit a half century and performed the dab. It’s safe to say, Twitter users were not impressed with his dab.

Some would say he was a little late to get in on the party and it is now dead.

R.I.P dab.

– Phil Remington

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Get gaming Snappers!

Snapchat is once again taking its photo sharing application to another level introducing ‘Filter games’. Now can we not only take photos of our face but we can also play with it.

Snap chat is now offering an in-app game embedded in one of its lenses called Santa’s Helpers. Pretty much the game works by placing your face on a cartoon’s elf body and then by tilting your device back and forward you steer yourself down a ski slope as you collect presents and avoid obstacles. Whilst playing the game you can take a photo or a video and share it with your friends to challenge them to beat your score.

Early in 2016, Snpachat had a similar game sponsored by Kraft Mac & Cheese where you had to catch noodles in your mouth. Another game also featured where you had to slide tiles around to reconstruct an image of your face in the least amount of time.

Santa’s Helpers game although is different to previous gaming experiments as it is an unsponsored game native to Snapchat. We can expect more of these game like lenses as the feature could become a powerful ad and revenue drive, Tech Crunch reporting it’s great ‘potential revenue stream is a big deal for Snapchat as it heads towards 2017.

– Rhiannon Robertson

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She’s back

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Would a nutshell recap really be complete if Kim Kardashians long-awaited social media return wasn’t mentioned? After taking a social media hiatus for months after the infamous Paris robbery, Kim decided 2017 would be time for her to continue with her daily social media updates, and the statistics show that the world really loved it. Starting by posting a pic of her, Kanye and their two kids captioned ‘family’ on Instagram.

Kim went on to share home videos on her app and reply to fans on Twitter; “I missed you guys!” she writes. Within 24 hours, Kim’s Snapchats had racked up 42.8 million views, and her tweets for 84 million impressions in just one day. In true Kardashian fashion, she posted ” the first selfie of 2017″ on Snapchat featuring herself with an edgy lip ring and a (probably ecstatic) Kris Jenner. While Kim was away Kylie might’ve tried to snatch up her crown, but this comeback proves that love or hate her, Kim K is the queen of social media.

-Neeve Fagan

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New year, new matches?


Tinder users were left feeling frustrated and more alone than ever after a Tinder glitch wiped all matches in the early hours of Monday the 2nd. Several users took to social media to express their pain and mourn their losses.

Tinder did not make comment on the app glitch that saw users going crazy, flooding Twitter with tweets about the ground-breaking problem.

Many users were left heartbroken over the glitch: ‘Pretty sure I was talking to the love of my life but the app crashed and now I have no matches. Thanks @Tinder I’m gonna be alone 4ever.’ Whilst some others stayed optimistic: ‘Redownloaded tinder today and all my matches are gone…guess the universe really does want me to have a fresh start.’

Luckily enough for Tinder users, matches began restoring the following day. Thank the Tinder gods!

-Emalee Sacco

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