Facebook’s bizarre move “officially” verifying Illuminati page

The blue tick normally reserved for celebrities and brand pages has been given the approval to appear on an Illumunati page.

Facebook made the bizarre move over the weekend, with the page having 380,000 likes worldwide. According to Facebook, they have the sufficient evidence to verify such a page. The Page “The Illumunati” is now endorsed by Facebook, meaning it’s a trusted source and official.

Offered on the page is the history of the Illuminati, membership to join and a wide range of merchandise for sale.

-Jake Manton

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Facebook steps up its friend game

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Facebook is rolling out a new feature to help users discover friends. The ‘Discover people’ feature will allow them to introduce themselves via their profile. Filters will include people who share and employer or people who are attending also attending an event.
The feature is hoped to allow users to utilise facebook as a business networking or even dating platform.

There are some worries about the safety of such a feature and whether people will be more reluctant to mark themselves as ‘interested’ in a public event knowing their information will be viewed via this feature.

A spokesperson for Facebook has explained the move as Facebook’s attempt to bring people together to overcome the difficulty of starting a new job, a new group or moving to a new place. Will users feel empowered or alienated by the feature as more of their personal information is shared? Creepy or cool, it’s hard to say.

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Instagram stories – is Snapchat’s time over?

Since launching in August 2016, the Instagram story VS Snapchat story has been a constant topic amongst social media news.

A recent report from TechCrunch notes that Snapchat stories have experienced a significant decline in view counts since the Instagram story feature became available. They further state that analytic services and social media influencers report a “15 – 40% drop in Snapchat Storie’s views, as well as a broad decline in usage for the format among monitored accounts.” (Business Insider, 2017).

It’s interesting to see that the Instagram story has taken the lead in comparison to Snapchat. Perhaps individuals with a larger following on Instagram see the value in sharing on a bigger platform, compared to Snapchat where it can be more difficult to connect with others if usernames aren’t shared or as easy to find.

One of the main drivers behind the recent decline in Snapchat stories views is that Instagram has over 300 million daily and active users, which is double Snapchat’s.

– Catherine Schwerdt

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Pinterest makes searching for items much easier for users

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A recent feature on the popular platform Pinterest is allowing users to search for items that they wish to purchase through an image search.

By simply snapping a photo of a particular item and then uploading it into the search means no more trying to remember the description of something and then not being able to put it into words!

With over 150 million users worldwide, new and innovative features like this one further revolutionise user engagement and create a better experience on the platform for all.

– Catherine Schwerdt

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Budweiser Reigns Superbowl Ad King

Whilst the Super Bowl result will always be a hot topic for discussion, the other yearly tradition is to observe which soon-to-be historic advertisements grace the screen of millions of viewers.

Coming out on top this year was Budweiser, who’s well shot and meticulously planned “Born The Hard Way,” attracted more than 21 million views on YouTube at the time of writing, more than double the next closest competitor. “Born The Hard Way,” follows the story of the companies German immigrant founders and their rise in America.

Year after year, the Super Bowl acts as a proving ground for some of the best advertisements, displaying amazing feats of creativity and innovation. Undoubtedly, it is the most critiqued time of year for companies who are hoping to put their best foot forward and whilst the limelight is not always the most flattering, any succession at this event is guaranteed to be memorable for a considerable time to come.

– David Clapton

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Well how bow dah?

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.02.01 pm

Back in September 2016, 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli and her mother appeared on Dr Phil to discuss the teens out of control behaviour in an episode titled ““I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime”.

As her mother explains in the episode she acquired her accent, now catch phrase “on the streets”. During the interview, Bregoli becomes defensive and threatens to take the fight with her mother outside by saying “cash me outside, how bow dah”.

Bregoli’s interview has lead to millions of hits, memes and remixes. As a result, Dr Phil the host of the program, requested she return for an update on her health after he sent her to a correctional facility for youth. After filming this return episode – she was seen on a plane punching another passenger at her mother’s defence, which has lead to more media attention.

Only in 2017 would you find a troubled 13-year-old girl being put in the media spotlight as a “meme” and have people demanding so much more of her that they invite her back to the show for more.

– Bonnie Dunleavy

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Facebook philanthropy


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have begun an effort to ‘cure, prevent or manage all diseases’ by the end of the century. They have committed more than fifty million dollars in order to fund greater research.

The research team will be hailed “the Biohub Investigators” and will each receive up to 1.5 million for five years of research. The not-for-profit Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative will include a 600 million dollar commitment over 10 years.

In a bid to increase efficiency, researchers will be required to share their drafts with peer-reviewed journals during the process. The initiative reflects a greater desire of consumers for companies to engage with society but in this case, Zuckerberg and Chan have stepped out from the Facebook umbrella of Facebook, taking action under their own names. Perhaps Zuckerberg and Chan are paving the way for greater social responsibility from leaders?

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Anthony Mundine Vs Danny Green II

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.11.55 pm

Darren Sharpe and Brett Hevers have become true Aussie icons. Two famous but rather old boxers now went at it in Adelaide over the weekend, and as much as the Australian audience was interested, $60 was a bit steep for some.

Thankfully for this great service called Facebook, we could all sit in Darren’s loungeroom and view with him. Going live on Facebook whilst filming the fight, genius. 110,000 people were able to indulge in the rematch and Foxtel was not having any of it.

Halfway through the stream, Darren got a phone call from Foxtel threatening to sue. Darren didn’t give in for quite some time.

The fight itself blew up socials when Mundine seemingly to have almost concussed Danny Green as the referee tried to pause the fight. Following that it was clear that Mundine seemed to have won, or at least came quite close. Danny Green won and no one could believe it. We all got to watch this going between Darren and Brett’s lounge rooms.

– Phil Remington

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